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UMass - Lowell Capstone Project

UMass Lowell Electrical Engineering students completed their capstone projects throughout the Spring at Petalworks. Each student chose a project that involved assisting our individuals to access technology. The projects are very exciting and each college student brings a wealth of knowledge and great enthusiasm!! The projects this year included: creating a multi-sensory touch pad that was portable and durable; creating an IPod application so all individuals could control an IPod through single switches and creating multiple user access to a software game that everyone loves! All the projects are exciting and they are being enjoyed by everyone. Coastal Connections is deeply grateful to the UMass Lowell Engineering department for their continued involvement with our programs. UMass has worked with Petalworks for nearly 3 years. Professor Alan Rux oversees this program and he recently made a visit to Petalworks and he recognizes the unique challenges of our people while capitalizing on their abilities.