It's that time of the year again and Coastal Connections is participating in The Provident Bank's Community Evote Program!

For more information about how you can vote for Coastal Connections please click on the link below!!

The Provident BankCommunity EVote link

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Mission Statement

Coastal Connections Inc. supports people with disabilities to achieve their full potential by creating personalized programs that promote living, working and playing in the community. Each person becomes an essential contributing member of their community through dynamic programs that create an environment which fosters life-long learning.


Coastal Connections Inc. is a place where:

    • We focus on the abilities of students, individuals served and staff,       honoring their uniqueness and individuality.

    • We offer creative and flexible program development and design that is responsive to needs of stakeholders through partnerships and collaborations.

    • Our expectation is to seek and assume leadership roles in every aspect of our organization.

    • We live, work, learn and play in the community and our presence in our community is mutually beneficial.

    • We take reasonable risks that are of benefit to individuals and the       organization.